IRIS Accounting Codes

General Ledger Account Code


Chart of Accounts

1X - XXX - XXX     Asset Accounts
2X - XXX - XXX     Liability Accounts
3X - XXX - XXX     Equity Accounts
4X - XXX - XXX     Revenue Accounts


Direct Expenses are directly attributable to the project or activity under an award.

They must be

  • allocable (direct benefit)
  • allowable (per the award terms and federal cost principles)
  • reasonable and necessary
  • consistently treated

Program (Direct Project) Expenses

50 - 5XX - XXX

Award / Project Codes

Depending on the type and complexity of the award, the accounting code for a project will fall under one of the following structures.

4-Segment Structure

  • Multi-year award
  • Multiple programs and tasks
Award Code Budget Yr + Month Roll-up Level Budget/Task
101005 .Y210 .5XX .500
IRIS Assigned Award # Year 2, starting in Oct Data Services Roll-up Data Services Task #

3-Segment Structure

  • Multi-year award
  • Single program
Award Code Budget Yr + Month Budget/Task

2-Segment Structure

  • Single budget / program
Award Code Budget/Task

System Design

The project accounting software ties every financial transaction to