Educational and not-for-profit institutions chartered in the United States, with a major commitment to research in seismology and related fields, may become Voting Members. Research institutions and other not-for-profit organizations both inside and outside the United States engaged in seismological research and development, which may not otherwise qualify for IRIS membership, may be elected Educational Affiliates, US affiliates, or Foreign Affiliates.

Workshops and Meetings

IRIS often sponsors workshops or training sessions for its related programs, including an annual IRIS workshop where members are encouraged to give talks, host poster sessions and attend working group meetings.

Proposal Information

Every 5 years, IRIS must submit a new funding proposal to NSF. Contributions from the IRIS membership are crucial to the success of this endeavor.


The Education & Outreach program and PASSCAL sponsor summer student internship programs.
     Education & Outreach Internship

Bulkmail Service

IRIS maintains a list of members and other interested parties for occasional bulk-mailings. Job announcements, meeting or workshop schedules, etc., are sent out via the mailing list. Members (and non-IRIS members) can request use of this service or ask to be added to /removed from the mailing list.

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Mailing Lists

IRIS mailing lists have been established to facilitate discussions about software development, DHI, SAC and Webservices.

Job listings

IRIS encourages its members to post job listings for their institution on the Seismology Jobs page. One can also ask that the posting be sent out over the IRIS Bulkmail Service.

Additional information on membership can be obtained by filling out the Membership Request form.