Seismology Special Issue: The Earth Scientist (2005)


  • Seismology Special Issue (2005)
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In the Spring of 2005, the IRIS Consortium's E&O program guest edited a special seismology themed issue of The Earth Scientist. The issue contained a number of original articles regarding seismological topics, the teaching of seismology in the classroom, as well as a special pullout poster showing a record section for the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake. The Earth Scientist is the journal of the National Earth Science Teachers Association.

Inside this Issue

Title Author
From the President   
From the Executive Advisor  
Guest Editor's Corner M. Hubenthal
The IRIS Consortium D. Simpson
2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami S. Stein & E. Okal
Tsunami Preparedness in the United States R. Hanson & P. Whitmore
Seismic Wave Demonstrations Using the Slinky L. Braile
Watch Earthquakes as They Occur M. Hubenthal
Student-Centered Experiments with Earthquake Data J. Barker
EarthScope G. Levy & J. Taber
Using the Seismic Waves Program in Schools A. Jones
IRIS Seismographs in Schools Program G. Levy & J. Taber
Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Classroom Exercise

D. Robison & S. Kluge


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Hubenthal, M., Ervin, T. (2005) The Earth Scientist: Special Issue, (Eds.), 21(2), 1- 32.