Determining Earth's Layered Interior—Tutorial 1/8

4min 26s Novice

Part 1/8 Introduction and Opening
In this video, we introduce the activity as a structured inquiry. Next, we reviews the learning outcomes for the activity so you know where the lesson is headed. Finally, we open the instruction and access learners prior knowledge of Earth's interior. The focus is not only what the learner knows, but the evidence they have for what they know. This will serve as the hypothesis we will test in the activity. 

Tutorial to accompany the Lesson, "Determining and Measuring Earth's Layered Interior"

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Learning occurs as students work first in small groups and then as a whole class to compare predicted seismic wave travel times, generated by students from a scaled Earth model, to observed seismic data from a recent earthquakes. This activity uses models, real data and emphasizes the process of science.

Lesson Novice