Geology and Geophysics in the Petroleum Industry

Date: November 2, 2016 Advanced

  • Basic Agenda - 4 HR
  • Basic Agenda - 6 HR
  • Seismic Data Agenda - 5 HR
  • Prospecting Agenda - 4 HR
  • Structure Agenda - 5 HR
  • Intermediate Agenda - 5 HR
  • Stratigraphy Agenda - 5 HR
  • Plays, Wells, Prospects - 5 HR
  • 1 Day Only Agenda
  • 2 Days Only Agenda
  • References
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Dr. Fred Schroeder (1950-2020) developed and designed the following two semester course materials to instruct students on the basics of geology and geophysics in the petroleum industry. The intended audience is junior and senior level undergraduate students who are majoring in any branch of the geosciences. Masters and PhD students may also benefit from the materials. The material is intended for students without prior knowledge of petroleum geoscience.

These training materials may be used to build or supplement one or more courses in geological and/or geophysical methods, as applied to the petroleum industry. Potential agendas, depending on your time and area of focus, can be found in the 'Files List' dropdown in the right column. All materials may be modified to meet the needs of the students, as long as the conditions of use are honored.

TERMS OF USE: All materials in this course (lectures, exercises, words and images) are intended for student training only. Academic instructors may modify and use these materials to perform their teaching duties. Industry professionals may only use these materials to instruct students on a volunteer basis (no compensation). These materials may not be used for teaching those who are already employed, either through in-house training programs and/or by external instructors. Appropriate attribution of copyrighted material must be shown at some point during each presentation. Please include the 'References' Powerpoint information (in the Files attached here) in your presentation. Images that are copyrighted must retain the copyright and source information as displayed, even if you use the images to create new slides. Slides that are used from this website must have the IRIS logo (shown in the upper right of slides) and "FWSchroeder" at some location on the slide.

ACKNOWLEGEMENTS: Dr. Schroeder developed the materials based on information provided by ExxonMobil, for which we give our sincere thanks. Some of this information is available on the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) website, and we are grateful for their cooperation in making this updated and expanding set of training lessons available.


PETROLEUM GEOSCIENCE 1: Geological Emphasis 

Lesson 1: Focus of the Petroleum Industry

Lesson 2: Introduction to Play Elements

Lesson 3: Tools of the Petroleum Industry

Lesson 4: Introduction to Well Logs

Lesson 5: The Seismic Method

Lesson 6: Seismic Reflection

Lesson 7: Source Rocks for Hydrocarbon Generation

Lesson 8: Essential Play Elements: Reservoir Rocks

Lesson 9: Structural Analysis and Trap Formation

Lesson 10: Hydrocarbon Seal and Migration

Lesson 11: Basics of Seismic Interpretation

Lesson 12: New Petroleum Ventures

Lesson 13: Prospect Mapping

Lesson 14: Assessing Barra

Lesson 15: Well-Seismic Tie

Lesson 16: Seismic Acquisition

Lesson 17: Seismic Processing


Lesson 18: 3D Seismic Data

Lesson 19: Seismic Interpretation

Lesson 20: Stratigraphic Hierarchy

Lesson 21: Seismic Sequences

Lesson 22: Thickness Maps

Lesson 23: Seismic Facies Mapping

Lesson 24: Seismic Attributes

Lesson 25: Reservoir Quality

Lesson 26: Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators

Lesson 27: AVA Analysis

Lesson 28: Time-Depth Conversion

Lesson 29: Seismic Inversion

Lesson 30: Estimating Ultimate Recovery

Lesson 31: Development Geology and Geophysics

Lesson 32: Detailed Stratigraphy

Lesson 33: Production Geoscience

Lesson 34: Technical Writing

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