BOD Election 2015 - Candidate Profile

Samantha Hansen

Associate Professor

Geological Sciences Dept.

University of Alabama


2015 - Present Associate Professor Geological Sciences Dept. The University of Alabama
2010 - 2015 Assistant Professor Geological Sciences Dept. The University of Alabama
2008 - 2010 Postdoctoral Researcher Geosciences Dept. Pennsylvania State University
2005 - 2007 Student Employee
Graduate Research Fellow
Atmospheric, Earth, & Energy Div.
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
2007 Ph.D., Geophysics The University of CA, Santa Cruz
2002 M.S., Geophysics The University of WI, Madison
2000 B.S., Geological Engineer., Geology, & Geophysics The University of WI, Madison


2014 Member IRIS Board Nomination Committee
2013 - Present Member IRIS PASSCAL Standing Committee
2012 - Present Member IRIS Polar Network Science Committee
2010 - Present IRIS Representative University of Alabama
1999 - Present IRIS Summer Intern USGS, Menlo Park, CA

Selected Other Service to the Seismological Community

2016 - 2021 U.S. Delegate Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
2013 - 2015 Chair GSA Geophysics Division
2011 - 2013 Vice-Chair GSA Geophysics Division


IRIS has played a huge role in my professional development, starting as an undergraduate, when I was selected as one of the first IRIS interns, and extending through present day.  I would be honored to be nominated to the Board and to help IRIS on its path of continued success, including meeting the challenges of the recompetition in 2018.  My research interests are driven by the underlying goal to advance our understanding of fundamental geodynamic processes, and to this end, I employ a wide range of geological and geophysical tools emphasizing earthquake seismology and the analysis of seismic data to investigate structure and infer associated earth processes.  My past and current research projects have focused on a variety of different geographic locations including Hawaii, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Antarctica.  Therefore, if nominated, I would bring considerable experience in passive source seismology, including polar experience, to the Board.  Additionally, as a recently-minted associate professor, I would contribute a “young seismologist” viewpoint to the Consortium, which is important to ensure the full spectra of IRIS members are represented.  I would be privileged to assist IRIS and the seismological community in developing innovative approaches to meet future challenges.