Day in a life of a Seismologist Archive

It’s Instrumental! 1 Entries

This blog series explores seismic instrumentation and the ways instruments help us understand the structure and evolution of planets like the Earth and Mars. Joint project between IRIS, Raspberry Shake and LastQuake. See all entries
Latest Entry: What is Raspberry Shake? on 2021 Mar 19th

Tales from the Field 1 Entries

It takes a lot of time, effort and expertise to install and maintain geophysical instrumentation. Get a glimpse behind the scenes at what it is really involved in seismology field work! See all entries
Latest Entry: Bears vs. Seismic Stations on 2019 Sep 13th

Seismology on ice 13 Entries

Follow the adventures of Dr. Bob Woodward, the Director of IRIS Instrumentation Services, as he travels to Antarctica to do "Seismology on Ice"! See all entries
Latest Entry: No bugs in Antarctica on 2019 May 1st