Data and Software

The NSF SAGE Facility offers free and open access to a comprehensive data store of raw geophysical time-series data collected from a large variety of sensors, courtesy of a vast array of US and International scientific networks, including seismometers (permanent and temporary), tilt and strain meters, infrasound, temperature, atmospheric pressure and gravimeters, to support basic research aimed at imaging the Earth's interior.

Data is stored at the Data Management Center in Seattle, Washington. We currently manage a large archive from over tens of thousands of seismic stations and ship hundreds of terabytes of data yearly. More information on data distribution.

The latest developments in Data and Software are published quarterly in the Data Management Center's online newsletter.


EarthScope provides data and software for educational purposes. More information.


The DMC offers raw data, derived data products, software, tools and services for scientists undertaking research. These can be divided into the following broad sections:

  • Time Series Data: The raw data collected from network stations around the globe.
  • Event Data: Online access to event data. Typically seismic events, although we also record anthropogenic (human-created), gravimeter and meterological events.
  • Stations: Use an online Google maps interface to explore network and station global distribution.
  • Metadata: The MetaData Aggregator (MDA) returns metadata summaries from the DMC database including data availability and links to further services.
  • Products: The Data Management System (DMS) creates and/or hosts multiple diverse derived data products. These products are both event-based and metadata-based. The DMC Searchable Product Depository (SPUD) is the primary data product management system.
  • Services: The DMC web services provide access to a variety of information, including
    • Data and metadata from the DMC databases
    • Time series processing services
    • Common calculation services
  • Software: EarthScope creates and hosts time-series related software. These can be subdivided into two broad categories:
  • Tools: Various online tools provide direct web-based access to raw data, event data, and metadata.
  • Support: EarthScope provides researchers with several methods of support: