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Early Career Investigators (ECIs) are generally defined as senior graduate students through pre-tenure faculty. The ECI working group formed in Fall 2011 to engage with, understand the needs of, and develop resources for IRIS-related ECIs. Our mission is to organize mentorship opportunities and resources aiding professional development of ECIs as they finish graduate school and work towards permanent jobs in industry or academia. The objective of this effort is to lower energy and knowledge barriers, boosting the effectiveness, productivity, and quality of life of young researchers and educators. Although we focus on ECI topics most relevant to the IRIS community, our goal is to develop and support resources that are beneficial to a wide range of earth scientists.

Looking to start a geoscience career?

We developed the following pages to provide practical career resources for those who have an interest in or for those who are already studying the geosciences. To expand the ECI working group mission described above, these resources intend to lower the knowledge barriers for undergraduate and early-career graduate students to demystify the process of finding and pursuing one's own unique career path. The tips and strategies found within each page may be applied to geoscientists in a wide range of disciplines. This information was originally written to appear in the IRIS online careers module titled, "Unearth your Future: How you can shape the geoscience profession for the needs of the 21st Century". The release date for the careers module is scheduled for fall 2021. For more information about these pages or the module, please contact Danielle Sumy (see contact info below).


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