FAQ Answer

I only want data from stations that are a certain distance from an event. How do I do that?

Use JWEED.  JWEED is a Java tool that allows you to set very specific parameters for requesting event-related data.  You can interactively explore the globe for events via the Data Handling Interface (DHI) and select stations seamlessly over the network.  The map tool in JWeed allows you to demarcate a minimum and maximum distance from an event, as well as azimuthal wedges to get just the stations you want.  From there, you can extract data to JWEED via DHI for display or saving to files.  This utility will construct a BREQ_FAST request for you, and uses the Tau-P software that assists in retrieving carefully delimited data. You can also submit requests to NetDC, which expedites requests between collaborating data centers that use this protocol.