IRIS Data Management System Data Product Development

Request for Proposal

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The IRIS DMS invites the full member institutions of the IRIS Consortium to participate in the development of data products.  The intention is to complement the existing data product development effort at the Data Management Center (DMC) with the expertise and resources of the community.

Traditionally, data products are the results of processing applied during research projects.  As processing techniques of waveform data have matured they have become accepted by the community and make ideal candidates for products useful to a wider audience.  Data products are often reductions of raw data that serve either as insightful summaries of the time series data or as new foundations, or stepping-stones, to higher levels of research.  Products can span the range of plots or movies derived from waveform data to the modernization of unique data sets that are otherwise unavailable.

Types of data products that we envision being proposed include:

  • Products which serve as stepping stones to further processing, i.e. pre-processing for more advanced processing.  Examples include the calculation of envelope functions and the calculation of receiver functions;
  • Visualizations of the data in ways that provide insight to geophysical processes and/or the data set;
  • The “productization” of research results which are generally useful;
  • Educational products that increase accessibility to data and information for non-researchers;
  • Modernization and availability of currently inaccessible data sets.  Examples include the conversion and documentation of unique data sets such as the seismic recordings from the Moon or other data sets that require updating for modern requirements;

Proposals will be evaluated by a panel consisting of members from the IRIS Board of Directors, the IRIS DMS Standing Committee, the IRIS Data Products Working Group, the USArray Advisory Committee and the IRIS E&O program with input from IRIS staff.

We do not anticipate funding of external product development to be an on-going activity within IRIS.  In addition to receiving new products, the DMS will use this process to better understand the types of products, systems and approaches that are taking place in the community.


Preliminary RFP Schedule

The following schedule may be changed or modified by IRIS:

The timeline for this project is:

  1.  RFP issued: February 9, 2011
  2.  Respondents’ requests for clarification of RFP due: February 22, 2011
  3. IRIS response to request for clarification of RFP due: March 4, 2011
  4. Proposals due: March 11, 2011
  5.  Awardee(s) selected: April 8, 2011
  6. Respondents notified of determination: April 13, 2011
  7. Subaward issued: May 1, 2011