Transportable Array Seismic Vault

Request For Proposal

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The IRIS Consortium ( is installing seismic stations to record earthquakes occurring locally and worldwide as part of a National Science Foundation award under the project name (EarthScope-USArray). The data is used to image the Earth’s interior and produce new insights into the earthquake process. Planned for over 2000 sites across the country on both government and private land, EarthScope is relying on the participation of each of these communities to accomplish this university-based research experiment.

This request for proposal is to design, manufacture and deliver up to 500 Transportable Array Seismic Vaults by September 30, 2013.

Preliminary RFP Schedule

The following schedule may be changed or modified by IRIS:

  1. RFP issued: 5/11/2011
  2. Respondents indicate they wish to submit 5/19/2011
  3. Respondents requests for clarification of RFP due 5/18/2011
  4. IRIS response to request for clarification of RFP due 5/19/2011
  5. Proposals due: 5/23/2011
  6. Contractor selected: 5/24/2011
  7. Respondents notified of determination: 5/26/2011
  8. Contract issued: 5/27/2011