7-Layer Gradiometer

Google Earth view of gradiometer as deployed

Deployed on a quarter section with cows, the gradiometer was an array design proposed by Chuck Langston and incorporated into the Community Wavefield Experiment deployment.  It consisted of 7 nested squares, each containing 16 nodes.  The spacing between the nodes doubled on each ring moving out from the center.  Node spacing on the inner-most ring was ~3m and on the outer-most ring was ~200m.  In total there were 112 3-component nodes in the gradiometer deployed for 30 days (June 20 - July 20).

Students preparing to install a node in the gradiometer

The nodes were buried just below the surface to avoid disruption from cows

An emplaced node

Once emplaced, nodes were carefully oriented before being buried

Students use a handheld device to active the nodes before burial