3 Seismic Lines

Overview map showing 3 seismic lines

Three seismic lines (composed of 247 nodes) were deployed for 30 days beginning June 20, 2016.  Deployed along farm roads, the east-west seismic line spanned 13 km, while the 2 north-south seismic lines spanned 5 km each.  Node spacing was 100 m, with increased node density near where the lines intersected.

Students orient a node while deploying along one of the seismic lines

A hand auger was used to drill node holes along portions of the seismic lines where the ground was particularly hard

A deployed node before burial

A student celebrates another successfully deployed node

Once covered, the nodes are basically invisible.  Good for privacy/security, bad for recovery teams.

IRIS Portable/Polar Program Manager Kent Anderson deploying a roadside node