Broadband Golay Array

Overview map showing broadband Golay array (yellow pins)

The Golay broadband array, composed of 6 smaller 3-station miniarrays, was designed to test the feasibility of recording seismic energy from a large array with a minimum number of stations.  These 18 stations were installed by IRIS/PASSCAL staff (with volunteer support) in June 2016 alongside the gradiometer and seismic lines.  Unlike the node deployment (which lasted 30 days), the Golay stations were deployed from June to November (5 months) and were fortunate to record the Oct-9 Pawnee, OK M5.8 quake.

Students installing a broadband CMG-3T sensor in a vault at one of the Golay stations

A student positions the GPS antenna inside the station box

Testing cables with a voltmeter

Going through the checklist to program a station DAS and begin data acquisition

Students celebrate the successful installation of a broadband Golay station