Educational Aspects

The IRIS Community Wavefield Demonstration Experiment was intended to be an opportunity for students to gain valuable field experience while also learning about latest-generation sensor technology, local geology, induced seismicity, and seismic array design.  Funding was provided to help offset costs for students in an effort to allow as many students as possible to participate.

A rented storefront in Enid, Oklahoma served as our workspace where equipment was staged, teams were assigned, and meals were served.  We also used this space to host nightly science talks where members of the experiment concept PI team gave short presentations on topics related to the experiment.

IRIS Instrumentation Services Director Bob Woodward distributes equipment and supplies to a team ready to head to the field

Staged equipment in the rented storefront

Students reviewing their service sheets in the field

Dr. Heather DeShon (SMU) oversees students as they activate a recently-deployed node

IRIS Portable/Polar Program Manager Kent Anderson congratulates the crew after a day of hard work in the field

Dr. Marianne Karplus (UTEP) describes the response of the 3-component nodes during an evening science talk

Dr. Chuck Langston (U Memphis) describes the slowness response of the Golay broadband array

Dr. Heather DeShon (SMU) describes her work on induced seismicity in the Fort Worth Basin