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Body-Wave Seismic Interferometry - Data Mining from Distant Seismicity
Dr. Elmer Ruigrok, Delft University of Technology


With the near completion of the contiguous USArray, a rich dataset is becoming available to image a large part of the North American continent in 3D. The seismic-receiver distribution is excellent for deep reflection imaging. However, the biased distribution of nearby seismicity prevents a straightforward application. Instead, distant seismicity can be used together with body-wave seismic interferometry. With seismic interferometry, reflections are extracted from the reverberations in transmission responses. This allows the creation of reflection responses as if there were large seismic sources at the positions of the USArray stations. The extracted reflections can be further processed into sharp reflectivity images.

In this presentation, we explain the basics of body-wave seismic interferometry. Using data from several arrays around the world, we give examples of field applications on global and lithospheric scale. The application of body-wave seismic interferometry to USArray data is still in its infancy. Yet, we will show recent progress and a possible way forward.


Last updated Key Points
  • The USArray Transportable Array provides a rich dataset to image a large part of the North American continent in 3D
  • Distant earthquakes together with body-wave seismic interferometry allows for the creation of reflection responses