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Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Presentations a Little Bit Better
Dr. Scott St. George, University of Minnesota


The ability to deliver effective and engaging oral presentations is a critical skill for scientists in all disciplines. Unfortunately, despite the importance of clear communication, too many presentations at conferences and workshops are confusing, abstract and boring. In this seminar, Scott St. George (University of Minnesota) and Andy Frassetto (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) will share a few tips that could make your professional presentations just a little bit better. In less than 30 minutes, Scott and Andy will talk strategies for presentation planning, discuss the differences between a good and bad visual aid, and point you towards a set of outstanding online resources. Become a presentation superstar!


Last updated Key Points
  • Discover tips and techniques to improve your ability to give oral presentations
  • Learn the differences between good and bad visual aids in presentations