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The Nature of Cognition as a Driver for (Re)designing Lectures to Foster Learning
Michael Hubenthal, IRIS


Effective teaching has been frequently described as an art. Such a claim is unfortunate as it implies that effectiveness is a "gift" to be born with. While an artistic element undoubtedly is part of the process, it is certainly not the only factor that can make one an effective educator. By understanding how people learn, all faculty, regardless of their artistic talents, can (re)design their instruction (frequently with minor, incremental modifications) to more fully foster students' mastery of identified learning goals. This talk will enhance participants' ability to explain the process of cognition and encourage them to consider what this says about the role of both students and instructors in the classroom. Participants will also be able to apply this knowledge to develop/revise lectures to more closely align with best pedagogical practice. While examples included in the talk will emphasize direct instruction (lecture), many concepts will have much broader applicability to other pedagogical approaches.


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  • Professional Development
  • Effective Teaching Methods
  • Learning and Cognition