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Your PASSCAL Instrument Center: How to Get Started Planning Your First (or Next) Experiment
Dr. Megan Anderson, Colorado College


This webinar, geared for Early Career Investigators, will serve to help unmask the inner workings of the PASSCAL instrument center in Soccoro, NM. Never been to the instrument center and thinking about writing your first grant that proposes to utilize facility instrumentation? Not quite sure how to get started in working with the instrument center? Then this webinar is for you! We will start by briefly reviewing the multiple functions of the instrument center, but then quickly move into details of the practical aspects of working with the instrument center during the design, planning, and implementation of your experiment. We will cover the resources that the instrument center has available for you as well as what your responsibilities are in effective planning for your experiment, including scheduling, coordination with the NSF funding cycle, training for you and your students, shipping and care of the instrumentation in the field, and data archiving. Shifts in funding and recent personnel changes have prompted an effort within the facility to clarify policies as well as make a few practices more concrete, therefore this presentation may be of interest to more seasoned field investigators who would like an update on current practices for working with the instrument center, and a review of where to find relevant PASSCAL information.


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