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Thinking Differently About Geoscience Careers
Heather Houlton, American Geoscience Institute


This webinar, presented by Heather Houlton of the American Geoscience Institute's Workforce Development Program, discusses how to think about the job search differently, and what resources are out there for those looking to launch their geoscience careers.

Topics include: 

· Her own unique career path. 

· How to think “Outside the Box” regarding the career search. 

· The diverse career opportunities available for geoscience degree holders and the importance of transferrable skills. 

· Workforce trends and the demand for geoscientists. 

· What technical and non-technical competencies are most important for employment within non-academic careers. 

· How to network! 

· Resources available to faculty, students and job seekers. 


Last updated Key Points
  • How to apply your geoscience skills and education to the workforce
  • Learn how to effectively network
  • Find your next job!