David Voorhees

Associate Professor of Earth Science and Geology
Waubonsee Community College

David Voorhees has been teaching geosciences full time at Waubonsee
Community College since 2002, after several years of part-time teaching.
He found his passion for teaching while working on his Ph.D. at the
University of Illinois, where he studied the glacial stratigraphy of
Illinois.  He is passionate about bringing to his students an
understanding of the earth and the geosciences, and is constantly
experimenting with different pedagogies to engage his typical general
education student. He also brings to his students a variety of resources
from past and present activities.  After finishing his Master's degree,
he worked for Gulf Oil and Chevron, USA as an Exploration Geologist and
a Production Geologist.  Although he is not a seismologist by training,
his relationship with IRIS has allowed him to bring high quality
seismologic data and resources into his classroom and to the local
community.  He is also very active in bringing the 2YC geoscience
community together, and pooling the resources of 2YC geoscientists
around the country to bring to his students through work with Geo2YC, a
Division of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.  He was the
first President of Geo2YC.  You can see what he is up to on Linked In
and Facebook.


David's Waubonsee Community College Page.

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