GSN seismic station recorded the sounds of Hurricane Maria

"Streams of geophysical data from GSN stations worldwide are a rich, readily accessible source of information that can offer insights into not only Earth tremors but also a wide range of other geophysical phenomena, including hurricanes and other severe weather events. This is particularly useful in remote areas, where data from other sources may be scarce.

Just how useful are the instruments at GSN stations to scientists who seek to expand our information on hurricanes? Data from Hurricane Maria suggest some untapped potential."

Read this excellent Eos article by David C. Wilson, Peter Davis, Carl Ebeling, Charles R. Hutt, and Katrin Hafner to learn more!

Photo: Instruments at station IU-SJG of the GSN, including a newly installed infrasound sensor, captured the passage of Hurricane Maria near the coast of Puerto Rico on 20 September 2017. Credit: Ted Kromer

Cover photo credit: Miguel Lopez, USGS

Published on Aug 3rd, 2018 Archived Stories