IRIS Internship Program 20th anniversary!

The IRIS Internship Program celebrates 20 years of developing seismologists (1998-2018)! Here is a shot of this year’s crew from the orientation week held in Socorro, NM in late May.  Be sure to checkout this "Next Generation” and their projects at

IRIS interns spend 8 to 10 weeks working on a seismological research project with researchers at an IRIS member intuition. Research projects may involve the deployment of seismic instruments in the field (within the US or internationally), and/or analyses of seismic data in a lab setting with the ultimate goal of producing results to be presented at a national scientific meeting. Each project provides students with ample opportunities to:

* conduct research with state of the art geophysical data and leading researchers at IRIS institutions
* develop an understanding of scientific inquiry, including designing and conducting scientific investigations, defending scientific argu¬ments, and preparing publications
* gather, manage, and convey information, using various skills, strategies, resources, and
* learn, use, and evaluate technologies for the collection and study of geophysical data

The summer research project culminates with the opportunity to experience the exciting atmosphere of a professional meeting, while presenting their results. To learn more about the IRIS Internship Program please visit



Published on Jul 5th, 2018 Archived Stories