MERMAID Data Now Available through the IRIS DMC

EarthScope-Oceans data are now fully archived, curated and available at the IRIS DMC. Learn more in the most recent IRIS DMC newsletter!

Data from the Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers (MERMAIDs) from both the United States (Princeton) and France (GéoAzur) are now available. These deployments are in the South Pacific as shown in Figure 1, and they are part of a larger SPPIM (South Pacific Plume Imaging and Modeling) array collectively managed by the EarthScope-Oceans (ESO) consortium. This project was discussed in greater detail in a previous IRIS DS Newsletter.

In the above example, the onset around 31:10 is the P-wave associated with an Mw 5.8 earthquake south of the Fiji Islands, ~33 degrees southwest of the recording MERMAID. This figure was generated using the IRIS timeseriesplot web service which applied a bandpass filter from 1hz to 5hz.

Published on Oct 14th, 2021 Archived Stories