EarthScope News

2009 Jun 18th

PASSCAL Instruments May Provide Clue to Cause of Recent Texas Earthquakes

A team of scientists led by Brian Stump of Southern Methodist University is installing ten portable seismic stations from the PASSCAL instrument pool at sites surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area to learn more about the recent earthquake swarm that's making national news. Continue Reading

2009 Jun 18th

2009 IRIS REU Internship Program Kicks Off with Orientation Week

This summer, 14 undergraduates from across the US will have the opportunity to work with leaders in seismological research, to travel to exotic sites for fieldwork, and to produce research products worthy of presentation at large professional conferences. Continue Reading

2009 Jun 5th

IRIS Board of Directors Appoints a Nominations Committee for 2009 Elections

Elections for important positions on the IRIS Board of Directors will be held during the Annual IRIS Membership Meeting in San Francisco on December 14. 2009. This year, members will elect three Directors who will each serve three years. Members of the IRIS community are encouraged to contact the Nominations Committee with suggestions for candidates for these open positions. Continue Reading

2009 Jun 4th

NSF and Other Organizations Release a Report on the Importance of Earth Science Literacy

The newly published report, Earth Science Literacy Principles: The Big Ideas and Supporting Concepts of Earth Science, identifies the major ideas of Earth science that all citizens should know. Continue Reading