EarthScope News

2022 May 10th

Read the Spring Issue of the IRIS Data Services Newsletter

The newsletter highlights IRIS Data Services products and services. Continue Reading

2022 May 3rd

Update on GSN Program Management at IRIS

With the departure of Katrin Hafner, the GSN Program Manager role will be temporarily filled by a small team of experienced IRIS Instrumentation Services staff members. This team will be led by Robert Busby (official Interim GSN Program Manager) and Andy Frassetto and supported by Kasey Aderhold and Molly Staats. Continue Reading

2022 May 3rd

IRIS Debuts Powerful New Application Where Students Use Seismic Waves Data to Learn about the Layers of the Earth

The newly released free resource, “Determining and Measuring Earth’s Layered Interior,” challenges students to compare real-world earthquake data to computer models. Continue Reading