EarthScope News

2020 Feb 5th

NSF Issues ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ on GAGE and SAGE Facilities

The IRIS Board of Directors wishes to draw your attention to the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on the “Competition of Operations of an NSF-supported Geophysical Facility to Succeed the GAGE and SAGE Facilities” issued by the National Science Foundation on January 23, 2020. Continue Reading

2020 Feb 3rd

NSF Issues ‘Dear Colleague Letter’ to Prepare for Successor to SAGE and GAGE Facilities

The National Science Foundation is gathering information in preparation for a competition for a future cooperative agreement to support a single, unified geophysical facility as the successor to the Seismological Facility for the Advancement of Geoscience (SAGE) and the Geodetic Facility for the Advancement of Geoscience (GAGE). Continue Reading