EarthScope News

2010 May 26th

New Mexico High School Student Receives 2010 IRIS Science Award

The 4th Annual IRIS Science Award at Socorro High School was presented to Moaaz Soliman at the annual Awards Ceremony on May 12, 2010. Continue Reading

2010 May 24th

CHAMP - First Data From Chile Aftershock Deployment Now Available

Initial data from the array of 58 portable seismometers installed to record aftershocks of the February 27, 2010 Mw=8.8 Chile earthquake are now available at the IRIS DMC. Continue Reading

2010 May 24th

Submit Your Accomplishments for the IRIS Proposal

Include your research findings in the ‘accomplishments' section of the upcoming IRIS renewal proposal. Continue Reading

2010 May 21st

Michael Hubenthal Recognized for Educational Poster Research

Michael Hubenthal, IRIS Education Specialist, receives praise for his research on educational posters from Binghamton University. Continue Reading

2010 May 20th

The EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey (EARS) Data Product Now Available at the IRIS DMC

The EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey (EARS) is now implemented at the IRIS Data Management Center. Developed by the University of South Carolina as an EarthScope/USArray data product, EARS calculates bulk crustal properties at IRIS station locations using receiver functions. Continue Reading

2010 May 19th

Rick Aster Receives NMT Distinguished Researcher Award

New Mexico Tech selects Rick Aster, Chair of the Earth and Environmental Science Department and Principal Investigator for the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center, as the recipient of its 2010 Distinguished Researcher Award. Continue Reading

2010 May 18th

New Animations Illustrate Seismic Signatures

The IRIS Education and Outreach Program has developed a new animation set, Seismic Signatures, that demonstrates how ground motion recorded by seismograph stations on or near Mount St. Helens volcano reveals different causes. Continue Reading

2010 May 4th

Seismic Station in Hong Kong Becomes Newest GSN Affiliate

The Global Seismographic Network is pleased to announce that seismic station HKPS, part of the Hong Kong Observatory, has joined the GSN as an Affiliate. Continue Reading