EarthScope News

2010 Jun 25th

GSN Quality Assessment Initiative

During the summer of 2010, IRIS, in collaboration with the USGS/GSN, the GSN Standing Committee and the Network Operators at ASL and UCSD, will embark on a review of GSN data quality and the development of new procedures for assessing waveform quality and reporting data quality issues to users. Continue Reading

2010 Jun 25th

View Photos from the 2010 IRIS Workshop in the Image Gallery

Nearly 150 photos taken during the IRIS Workshop held June 9-11, in Snowbird, Utah, are now posted in the IRIS Image Gallery. Continue Reading

2010 Jun 21st

NSF Announcement - EarthScope National Office

The solicitation for the next EarthScope National Office has been released. Continue Reading

2010 Jun 21st

NSF Announcement - Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics

The NSF "Frontiers in Earth System Dynamics" (FESD) solicitation (NSF solicitation number 10-577) has been released and is available on the NSF website. Continue Reading

2010 Jun 3rd

Registration is Open for “Experiments with Portable Ocean Bottom Seismographs Workshop” Continue Reading

2010 Jun 2nd

GLISN Station Installed in Thule, Greenland

The first NSF-funded station TULEG has been installed at Thule Air Base, Greenland, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS). Continue Reading