Submit Your Accomplishments for the IRIS Proposal

The IRIS Board of Directors requests a few minutes of your time to help IRIS continue to thrive. We are collecting 1-page summaries of IRIS-related research that took place in the last 5 years that can be included in the 'accomplishments' section of the upcoming IRIS renewal proposal. It is inspiring to look back at the 1-pagers from the last proposal and we hope to capture even more excitement this time around. Please don't hesitate to help us by encouraging your colleagues to submit their exciting findings, as it may immensely increase IRIS's chance of renewal funding.

  • Please submit your 1-page summary using the special webform. You can cut and paste the content for your submission from which we will build the 1-page PDFs.

Thanks in advance for helping us!

Ed Garnero on behalf of the IRIS Board of Directors