Anne Meltzer Appointed to Chair the IRIS International Working Group


After consulting with the IRIS Board of Directors, David Simpson has appointed Anne Meltzer as the new chairperson of the IRIS International Working Group.


Arthur Lerner-Lam has chaired this IRIS Presidential Committee since it was established in 2006. Under Art's leadership, the Working Group coordinated the long-term instrument loan initiative, organized the Out of Africa workshop, participated in activities of the Global Risk Identification Programme, and prepared a prospectus of further "international" activities for IRIS. Art will continue as a member of the group.

The International Working Group was established to develop activities that simultaneously address IRIS's mission and the missions of organizations focused on international economic development, including government agencies, development banks, and private foundations. As the new chairperson, Anne plans to build on the prospectus that the Working Group has already prepared, and will develop a White Paper that lays out specific goals for IRIS in cooperating with international development agencies and suggests a timeline for reaching milestones.