EarthScope Symposium and Reception Attracts a Wide Range of Attendees

On Wednesday, April 29, 2009, a coalition of earth science organizations led by the IRIS Consortium and UNAVCO, Inc. hosted a symposium and reception to acknowledge and recognize the contributions of the National Science Foundation and the numerous organizations and agencies that have helped make the first five years of EarthScope a resounding success. Leading-edge science results were presented by four researchers during the well attended EarthScope Symposium. This was following by the EarthScope Reception where nearly 200 attendees informally exchanged information and ideas about EarthScope data, findings, and upcoming experiments. In addition to recognizing the National Science Foundation and the other organizations and agencies that played a role in the success of EarthScope, the reception also featured displays of state-of-the-art EarthScope equipment that attendees could examine. EarthScope facilities staff was also on hand throughout the symposium and reception to answer any questions about the instruments and the observatories.

The EarthScope partners extend a special Thank You to all of the co-sponsors that made this successful event possible.

Lucy Flesch, Purdue University, presents geodetic findings during the EarthScope Symposium.


Matt Fouch, Arizona State University, identifies some of the contributors to current research endeavors. 


Robert Detrick, Director of NSF's Division of Earth Sciences, makes a statement during the EarthScope Symposium. 


EarthScope equipment and operation are shown to guests during the reception.


Guests at the EarthScope Reception.



Tim Killen, NSF's Assistant Director for the Geosciences, addresses guests at the EarthScope Reception.

Guests at the EarthScope Reception.