Experiments with Portable Ocean Bottom Seismographs Workshop was a Rousing Success

Approximately 70 individuals from six countries convened in Snowbird, Utah, Saturday, September 25 through Tuesday, September 28, to examine the future of ocean bottom seismology using portable instrumentation to study problems in Earth structure and dynamics. The Experiments with Portable Ocean Bottom Seismographs (EPOBS) workshop included representatives from the National Science Foundation, researchers, instrument manufacturers, and the Institutional Instrument Contributors. The conveners of the meeting were Richard Allen (University of California, Berkeley), Don Forsyth (Brown University), Jim Gaherty (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), John Orcutt (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Doug Toomey (University of Oregon), and Anne Trehu (Oregon State University). Stimulating discussions of topics included highlights from past experiments; instrument deployment and development opportunities; a comparison of PI, open-access and community-driven experiments; science opportunities for ocean bottom seismology; international cooperation and future directions for the community.

Visit the EPOBS workshop web site for further information, including the agenda and list of attendees. For more information on ocean bottom seismology, visit https://obsic.whoi.edu.