Final Report from Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop Now Available

Following the announcement of a SZO workshop report draft in early April, the writing committee has finalized this report after extensive community review and input. “The SZ4D Initiative: Understanding the Processes that Underlie Subduction Zone Hazards in 4D” document presents the range of views discussed at the workshop on the high-priority science targets; the critical gaps that are holding back subduction zone science; the need for interdisciplinary in-reach and capacity-building outreach; and the promising paths forward that the academic, national agency, and international communities could pursue in the coming years to transform subduction zone science. Taken together, these views lead to a vision for a new SZ4D Initiative to capture and model the spatial and temporal evolution of subduction zones.

This report and a 1-pager for more general audiences are available through the workshop website (Workshop Report tab).

Sincerely, Jeff McGuire, Terry Plank, and the entire SZO workshop organizing and writing team