IRIS Announces 2012 Slate of Candidates

The IRIS Nominations Committee has announced the following candidates to fill the open positions on the Board of Directors:

Six candidates to fill three 3-year terms as Directors:

  • Geoff Abers, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
  • Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University
  • Kate Miller, Texas A&M University
  • David Okaya, University of Southern California
  • Anne Trehu, Oregon State University
  • Michael Wysession, Washington University in St. Louis

Information about the candidates and the upcoming Annual Meeting of the IRIS Consortium is available at

Continuing Board Members:

  • Brian Stump (Chair), 2013
  • Matt Fouch (Vice Chair), 2014
  • Emily Brodsky, 2014
  • Paul Davis, 2013
  • Jeroen Ritsema, 2014
  • Jeroen Tromp, 2013

The Member Representative for each IRIS Member Institution is encouraged to vote in this important election.

Your Vote Counts!

  • An election package, including ballot and instructions, will be sent to Member Representatives in early November.
  • Voting by mail is strongly encouraged. Mailed ballots must be received at IRIS Headquarters by November 26.
  • Voting in person can be done during the reception prior to the Annual Meeting, however all ballots must be submitted by 7:00 p.m. on December 3.