IRIS Bids Farewell to PASSCAL Program Manager James Gridley

James Gridley announced that he will be leaving IRIS to join Pinnacle, part of Halliburton, as the company’s Geophysics Adviser and Chief Technical Adviser in its largest production service line, Production Enhancement. As the Geophysics Adviser, James will lead the team by applying his various geophysics expertise to Pinnacle's microseismic research, development, and operations and will aid in the development of innovative, industry-leading techniques, theories, precepts and practices to solve unprecedented challenges, including unconventional resources. James will play a strategic role in how Pinnacle approaches geophysics and will help the leadership team formulate research strategies geared towards new product development. He begins his new role with Pinnacle in late April.

James joined IRIS as PASSCAL Program Manager in 2010. During his tenure of nearly four years, James helped to implement procedures to streamline the operations of the PASSCAL Instrument Center and sought out partnerships with industry to extend the application of advanced geophysical processing techniques and develop new sensor technology.

We thank James for his leadership, insight and contributions to IRIS and the PASSCAL Program and look forward to working with him on academic-industry collaborations in the future. Our sincerest best wishes to you, James!