IRIS Board of Directors Appoints a Nominations Committee for 2008 Elections

Elections for important positions on the IRIS Board of Directors will be held during the Annual IRIS Membership Meeting in San Francisco, California, on December 15, 2008. This year, members will elect three Directors who will each serve for three years. Members of the IRIS community are encouraged to contact the Nominations Committee with suggestions for candidates for these open positions.

The Board-appointed Nominations Committee consists of one Board member and three community members:

Charles Ammon (Chair)
Penn State University

Richard Allen
University of California, Berkeley

Elizabeth Cochran
University of California, Riverside

Tom Owens
University of South Carolina

The Directors whose term expires this year are:

Charles Ammon (Vice-Chair) - completing a three-year term
Anne Sheehan (Member) - completing a three-year term
Brian Stump (Member) - completing a one-year term

As described in the elections procedures of the By -Laws, the Nominations Committee "shall prepare a slate of one or more nominees for each Director position to be filled." Prior to the Annual IRIS Membership Meeting on Monday, December 15 (during the Fall AGU Meeting), Member Representatives will be informed of the candidates and provided with details on the voting procedures.

Continuing Directors are:

Susan Beck - Chair (2010)
Kenneth Creager (2009)
Don Forsyth (2010)
James Gaherty (2009)
Steven Roecker (2010)
Suzan van der Lee (2009)

A list of current IRIS Committee Members can be found at:

Thank you for your continued involvement in the activities of your Consortium.