IRIS DMS to Host PQLX Workshop on June 8

A one-day hands-on workshop on the PQLX (PASSCAL Quick Look eXtended) software will be conducted on June 8, 2010, in Snowbird, Utah, just prior to the 2010 IRIS Workshop. Principal investigators and researchers involved with data quality and analysis are encouraged to attend.

PQLX (PASSCAL Quick Look eXtended) is open-source software used to evaluate seismic station performance and data quality (see It is intended to provide both a general and broad overview of station/data quality as well as give the user specific capabilities to determine when and where data quality issues arise. The software primarily consists of a server analysis program and client data visualizer, but also includes data extraction and migration tools. Given waveform data and instrument response files, the PQLX server computes trace statistics, Power Spectral Densities (PSD), and Probability Density Functions (PDF) and writes the results to a MySQL database for quick access by the client. PQLX is compatible with the Linux, Mac OSX, and Solaris operating systems. Supported waveform data formats are Mini-SEED, SAC, SEGY, AH, nano, and DR100; response files must be in SEED RESP file format.

This full-day workshop will provide an introduction to all aspects of the PQLX Seismological Analysis System. Participants are expected to bring a reasonably powerful laptop, one week to one month's worth of data for at least three channels qualifying for PSD analysis (e.g., BH*, LH*, etc.), and response files (format produced by program rdseed) for each PSD-qualifying channel.

Note: Participants MUST provide their own laptop with PQLX and MySQL preloaded.

The workshop instructor will be Richard Boaz of Boaz Consultancy.

For more information or to registration for the workshop, visit