IRIS Issues Anti-Harassment Statement

Dear IRIS Colleagues,

The news has been filled recently with allegations of sexual harassment, highlighting the importance of this issue in the workplace. IRIS takes sexual harassment, and all forms of harassment, extremely seriously and such behavior will not be tolerated either in the workplace or in our dealings with the members of the IRIS community.  

IRIS is taking a proactive approach to these issues by providing harassment and gender bias training for both employees and supervisors. The IRIS Board of Directors will be addressing these issues at its winter meeting and will discuss how we can ensure that the operation of our governance committees is held to this same high standard. If there is a harassment issue that you would like to have addressed, you may contact me directly in confidence at 202 407-7000 or any member of the IRIS Board of Directors.     

We are committed to making the IRIS consortium a place where everyone feels welcomed and safe, and where they can not only accomplish their work, but do so in a supportive and collegial environment. 

Bob Detrick
IRIS President