IRIS Issues ‘Request for Proposal’ for Corporate Attorney

IRIS desires an integrative law firm to provide legal guidance and support in Federal Grants and Contracts, maintenance of IRIS’ tax-exempt corporate legal status, and other areas of business management.

Proposals are due no later than June 26, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. ET via email to:

Download the Request for Proposal (460 KB)
Download the Guidelines for Outside Counsel (432 KB)
Download Amendment #1 - Questions and Answers 6-9-2017 (107 KB)

While the areas of Federal Grants and Contracts and Non-Profit corporate law are high priorities, IRIS recognizes that Respondents may not have expertise in all practice areas. As such, IRIS welcomes proposals that best address their area of expertise and experience from the practice areas provided in Section III, “Scope of Services.”

Based on the response to this RFP, IRIS may elect to work with one or more law firms.