IRIS Issues Strategic Plan

The IRIS Board of Directors along with IRIS Senior Management, Program/Project Managers, and Standing Committee Chairs have developed a Strategic Plan that summarizes the vision, mission, and goals which will guide the organization to 2020 and into the future.

The Strategic Plan builds on the successes IRIS has achieved over the last 30 years. While maintaining the capabilities of its core programs in instrumentation, data services and education and public outreach is generally seen as IRIS’ highest priority, there is also great interest in developing new initiatives utilizing leading edge technology in order to address important scientific questions, engage a broader, more interdisciplinary scientific community and attract new sources of funding to support IRIS’ programs and activities.

The plan establishes nine visionary goals that are an explicit declaration of what members of the consortia would like to see IRIS achieve. Not all of the goals will be realizable in the next five years, but these goals define the direction IRIS must head in order to serve the needs of the IRIS community in the near-term and beyond. It also includes strategic priorities that focus on what the organization needs to do to achieve its vision by overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Download a copy of IRIS in 2020: A Strategic Plan.

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