IRIS Partners with NESTA to Produce a Seismology-Focused Issue of The Earth Scientist

The IRIS Consortium has partnered with the National Earth Science Teachers Association to produce a special seismology-focused issue of their journal The Earth Scientist. The theme for this issue is "Modernizing Your Seismology Education". The issue has a collection of five invited articles that showcase the complexity and wealth of new teaching opportunities that exist within seismology education.

The first article discusses episodic tremor and slip and is followed by an article describing how the concept can be successfully taught in the middle school classroom yielding new understandings of subduction zones. The third article shares information regarding the USArray, a "rolling" network of high-precision seismometers, which is providing visualizations of seismic waves. These visualizations provide a rich visual reinforcement of what is known about seismic wave properties. This is followed by an article which deals with the wide array of student-held "alternative" conceptions about geophysics and how some of the ideas persist despite instruction. The final article shows how the causes of intraplate earthquakes, such as those along the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the central US, can be examined and modeled in the classroom.

Download this special seismology issue of The Earth Scientist.