Long Range Science Plan for Seismology - Request for Comments on Final Draft Document

The writing group developed an outline for the document immediately following the workshop, organizing the many exciting scientific presentations in the workshop into a suite of ten major basic research topics spanning primary disciplinary activities. Members of the writing group volunteered to write descriptions of one or more of the identified "Grand Challenges", along with assembling shorter "sidebars" with examples of exciting developments and applications.  These were assembled into a draft document that was broadly edited by the Editor and workshop tri-chairs and reviewed by the workshop participants.  The key questions, infrastructure needs, and research approaches associated with each Grand Challenge topic were distilled directly from the workshop presentations and break-out group reports.  Of course, much detail has been omitted to keep it lean, broadly accessible, and useful for the intended broad high-level audience within NSF, other government agencies, academia, and elsewhere.
    We now invite your general and specific comments on this final draft. Please recognize the length limitations and the necessarily wide scope of the report.  Suggestions for improved or additional figures (along with high quality .pdf or .ai versions and short figure captions) are welcome.  The report will now undergo professional editing and layout, so word-smithing is less critical at this point than making sure that the document fully represents community perspectives and excitement.
    Editor Thorne Lay (thorne@pmc.ucsc.edu) would like to receive any comments and figures by December 1, 2008. The goal is still to complete a final, formatted document by Fall AGU, 2008, so your prompt response is desired.

       Thank you again to those who participated in the LRSPS workshop and to all who are providing input into this process.

Thorne Lay, Editor
Richard C. Aster, workshop tri-chair
Donald W. Forsyth, workshop tri-chair
Barbara Romanowicz, workshop tri-chair