National Geographic Channel Features EarthScope’s Transportable Array

The inner core of the Earth showing the crust and the mantle. CGI Image courtesy of The National Geographic Channel.

Be sure to watch the premier of X-Ray Earth at 8:00pm on Sunday, May 15. Produced for the National Geographic Channel, this 2-hour special includes a segment that highlights the Transportable Array and seismic tomography.

X-Ray Earth looks at how scientists are using technology and the most sophisticated tools to dissect the planet and provide a view that has never been seen before. The program features technologies like tomography, gravitational mapping, and spectroscopy to provide insights into Earth's systems. It also shows how nature is constructed with pattern and symmetry and how mathematics and nature are intricately tied together.

Filmed at Transportable Array station J32A near Parkston, South Dakota, at other locations throughout the world, and enhanced with computer-generated imagery, X-Ray Earth reveals the extraordinary story of the world around us.

Visit the National Geographic Channel web site for the show's summary, video clips and a selection of CGI images.