New products: Event Plots & USArray GMVs and new product access available at the IRIS DMC

The IRIS DMC product team announces the availability of two new products, Event Plots and enhanced USArray GMVs, and improved product access via our Searchable Product Depository (SPUD).

Event Plots:

A suite of plots automatically generated following all M>6.0 earthquakes (2004 to real-time) using all broadband data available at IRIS (Z, R, T). Figure types include:

  • Station maps showing global station distribution and first arrival signal to noise ratio
  • Body wave record sections aligned on the origin or P, S, SKS phases superimposed w travel time curves of major phases
  • USArray body wave & surface wave record sections
  • Vespagrams and aligned seismograms from large scale arrays formed from dense virtual networks (e.g. California)
  • Global body wave envelope stacks which make phase identification easy
  • P-wave coda stacks which can highlight source characteristics

Direct access to Event Plots via SPUD:

Enhanced USArray Ground Motion Visualizations (GMV):

Animations of the teleseismic wavefield from all earthquakes with M>6.0 (2004 to real-time) across USArray. Improving on the GMVs previously released, many small enhancements have been made including the addition of a 3-component version. Two types of GMVs are available in MPEG-4 format: vertical-component for M>6.0 and vertical+horizontal component for M>7.5.

Direct access to GMVs via SPUD:

Searchable Product Depository (SPUD):

SPUD is the DMC's new product management system and serves as the primary access point for users of the product inventory. This interface allows users to search for products based on location, time, event and other product-specific details. After selecting a product, a detail page provides a summary and preview with download options specific for the product.

Other products available from SPUD include:

  • GSN calibration data
  • ANF event bulletin (with phase picks)

Later in the year, SPUD will include Global CMTs, USArray MT Transfer Functions, SAFOD Spectrograms, DWWSSN Film Chips and more.

For more information about the IRIS DMC's product effort including a list of released products, upcoming products and product ideas, please visit: