PASSCAL Acquires 1700 Additional Nodal Sensors

Dear Colleagues,

The NSF SAGE Facility, operated by IRIS, is pleased to announce the recent arrival of 1,780 additional 3-channel 5Hz SmartSolo nodes for the PASSCAL node pool. These nodes will be tested and approved for use by early 2022, allowing the facility to meet the increasing demand for nodes from already-scheduled experiments in 2022 and beyond.

The node pool continues to be one of the most highly-utilized instrument pools at PASSCAL. With this recent addition, the node pool has now grown to more than 2,600 individual sensors for portable deployments, and 400 additional nodes for polar deployments.

Learn more about PASSCAL's nodal sensors.

Submit an instrument request for use of nodes (or other instrumentation).

We look forward to supporting the community's future needs for portable deployments with these nodes, and with the variety of other portable instrumentation that is supported by the PASSCAL Instrument Center.


Justin Sweet (
IRIS PASSCAL Portable Project Associate