Active Uses of Passive Seismic Data Meeting, June 3, Houston, TX


Autonomous seismic exploration acquisition equipment allows the economic collection of continuous passive seismic data that is not normally acquired in conjunction with controlled-source seismic exploration. This passive data records naturally occurring signals (ambient noise, micro-earthquakes, and teleseismic events) that can provide additional understanding of the subsurface. Recent advances in seismic data analysis can utilize these naturally occurring signals to complement and enhance subsurface images from active source seismic surveys. These advances incorporate techniques that cross-over between exploration and earthquake seismology, and are being applied to 3D and 4D active source surveys.

About the Meeting

This meeting will explore emerging topics of common interest to industry- and academic-based seismologists. Topics will include applications and algorithms, instrumentation and sensors, using dense arrays in both active and passive source applications, multi-use data sets, managing large data sets, and developing the workforce of the future. The primary goal of the meeting is to facilitate substantive collaborations between IRIS seismologists and industry.

Meeting Format

The format of the meeting will be five sessions of talks and discussions progressing from sensors and acquisition strategies in the ground through data handling, modeling and interpretation techniques to the people in front of the desktops.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Greg Beroza, Stanford Univ.
  • Mitch Barkladge, Nodal Seismic
  • Rob Clayton, Caltech
  • Nikos Martakis, Seismotech Ltd. and Landtech Geophysics Ltd.
  • Paul Murray, PGS
  • Rebecca Saltzer, Exxonmobil
  • Anne Sheehan, Univ. of Colorado
  • Neil Spriggs, Nanometrics
  • Rob Stewart, Univ. of Houston
  • Jeroen Tromp, Princeton Univ.


10001 Richmond Ave.
Houston, Texas 77042


Program Committee

  • Emily Brodsky (Chair), Univ. of California, Santa Cruz
  • Mike Fehler, MIT
  • Werner Heigl, Apache Corp.
  • Dan Hollis, Nodal Seismic
  • Brandon Schmandt, Univ. of New Mexico
  • Julie Shemeta, MEQ Geo
  • Bob Woodward, IRIS

* Pre-Registration will be required, but there will be no registration fee
* Limited travel support will be available