Request for Proposals: Evaluation of the IRIS Education and Outreach Program

Proposals are invited to design and implement a third-party Program Evaluation of the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Education and Outreach Program (IRIS E&O) that will inform the work of an external panel review process. This evaluation will be based primarily on data that the program has collected as part of its continuous improvement efforts, though it is anticipated that some additional data may need to be collected. IRIS is a consortium of over 100 research universities and institutions dedicated to monitoring the Earth and exploring its interior through the collection and distribution of seismological data. It is funded through a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation under the Division of Earth Science's Instrumentation and Facilities program. E&O is one of four core programs IRIS has developed to serve the seismological community.

The design and implementation of an evaluation for the IRIS E&O Program shall include conceptualization, analysis of collected data, minor collection of supplemental data, and interpretation in appropriate collaboration with IRIS E&O staff. The scope of work over a short-term contract (4-5 calendar months and up to the equivalent of 0.5 FTE) includes programmatic evaluation:

  • to assess the IRIS E&O program on its nationwide impact using quantitative analyses as well as subjective summative evaluation.
  • to develop a tool and mechanism for assessing the extended (summative) impact of the program beyond the tenure of this contract.

Questions about the proposal submissions should be directed in writing to

Responses to questions sent to can be found at:

A formal proposal of no more than 10 pages (excluding price information) must be submitted to as a pdf file by May 30, 2008.

Complete RFP

Background information on the E&O program

  • Appendix A 
    1. Overview of Major Elements of the IRIS E&O Program
  • Appendix B 
    1. IRIS E&O Logic Model
  • Appendices C, D and E 
    1. Descriptions of Elements, Outputs and Outcomes for each audience
    2. Outputs, their measures, and the availability of a range of assessment data for each measure
    3. Outcomes, their measures, and the availability of a range of assessment data for each measure
  • Appendix F