Seeking Input from the IRIS and UNAVCO Communities on our Upcoming Merger

Dear IRIS and UNAVCO Community,
As many of you are aware, IRIS and UNAVCO are in the process of merging to form the EarthScope Consortium, a community-governed consortium and facility operating in the best traditions and practices of both organizations.
In preparation for the anticipated late-2022 merger, the Boards of Directors of UNAVCO and IRIS are reaching out to our shared community to solicit your comments and questions, and to sustain a two-way dialog between our communities and the Boards that we hope will carry forward into the merged EarthScope Consortium.
  1. We hope you can find a few minutes to fill out this online survey about community governance, facilities needs, and the upcoming merger.
  2. IRIS and UNAVCO Board members will be pairing up and hosting Zoom calls with Member Representatives and interested community members. If you are a Member Representative, you will be hearing directly from a Board Team (one IRIS and one UNAVCO Board member) to schedule a call. If you are not a Member Representative and you would like to participate in a call with a Board Team, please email Rhonda Porter to get scheduled.

Your Boards of Directors are making this effort to ensure that we have a complete picture of our community’s interests, needs, and concerns during the process of forming the EarthScope Consortium. We need YOUR participation to make this effort a success, and we look forward to reading your survey responses and to speaking with many of you in the near future.

Best wishes,
IRIS and UNAVCO Boards of Directors
Rick Aster (IRIS Board Chair)
Ronni Grapenthin (UNAVCO Board Chair)
Roland Burgmann (UNAVCO Board)
Adrian Borsa (UNAVCO Board)
Jackie Caplan-Auerbach (IRIS Board)
Brendan Crowell (UNAVCO Board)
Jeff Freymueller (IRIS Board)
Gareth Funning (UNAVCO Board)
Sarah Kruse (IRIS Board)
Brandon Schmandt (IRIS Board)
Anne Sheehan (UNAVCO Board)
Bridget Smith-Konter (UNAVCO Board)
Leigh Stearns (UNAVCO Board)
Anne Trehu (IRIS Board)
Victor Tsai (IRIS Board)
Lara Wagner (IRIS Board)
Phil Wannamaker (IRIS Board)
Pippa Whitehouse (UNAVCO Board)